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  • Large retail company with independent stores
  • International supply chain including manufacturing
  • Challenges with multiple orders and timing demands

Client needs

Our client, a large retail group, had independent stores across a large geographical region. They required an independent party to assist with managing the supply chain to ensure products were manufactured and delivered to the right location at the right time.

What we did

We tailored a distribution management service based on meeting our client’s unique requirements. Our outsourced solution included dedicated personnel regularly communicating with the independent network as well as a sophisticated ordering and tracking process including order visibility and tracking via our online WINLink technology. This included consolidating the groups overseas orders, working directly with international manufacturers to confirm specifications and then coordinating the shipment and deconsolidation across the independent network.

The outcome

This truly bespoke solution allowed us to implement improvements at all points along the supply chain. The client experienced lower supply chain costs and improved delivery on time in full.

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