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"We live by it every day and in every interaction"

In August 2016 we gained the prestigious ISO 9001:2015 certification — the latest iteration of the world’s leading quality assurance standard. This made us a pioneer in our industry, as we were one of the first (and only) companies to do so.

Gaining this certification meant taking an in-depth look at the way we operate, things like

  • Meeting our clients’ requirements (though of course, we always aim to exceed them)
  • Making sure our clients are really satisfied with us
  • Proving that our client communication is second to none
  • Delivering true consistency in our process and approach
  • Showing that we value continuous improvement in the way we do things
  • Demonstrating that we have a culture of quality

For us, passing this certification proves that we don’t just talk about quality in what we do, we live by it every day and in every interaction.

Our audit was carried out by The British Assessment Bureau. You can view the certificate by clicking on the button (its PDF so you can print it out for your procurement Quality Manager if you like).

We are pretty proud of ourselves for gaining this certification but if you’re wondering what this all means for you, why not pop over to our blog and read 5 reasons why ISO 9001 should matter to you


“We work with mining, oil & gas and construction clients based all over the world. Many of them are in highly regulated industries, which require their own compliance to the standard – so our decision to certify under the new ISO underlined our position as an innovative, premium supplier that is aligned to our clients’ quality expectations”

Jon Ridgway, Managing Director of Winchester Supply

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